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Maximo's height and weight plotted from 5 months to 36 months on a CDC Length for age and weight for age percentiles chart. Maximo's height and weight plotted on a CDC chart.

Maximo is a little below average height, averaging around the 30 percentile. His weight has been fluctuating and averaging around the 25%. It is a struggle that we constently have to deal with to get him to eat.

Maximo's head circumference and weight for length plotted on a CDC chart from ages 5 months to 24 months. Maximo's head circumference plotted on a CDC chart.

Maximo's head circumference has been staying around the 30 percentile for boys his age.Normally his height to weight ratio has been pretty average until lately his weight has not been keeping up with the average for his height.


Maximo Children's Size Chart for 2 and Over

CDC growth chart with Maximo's age and height
Maximo's children's growth chart from age 2 to 4. He height has fluctuated from 25% to 50% over time. He has always been on the thin side as he is very active and is difficult to get to eat. As a baby and until 1 and a half years he was a pretty average weight but has been thin from then.

Baby Boys Length - Weight Chart

Baby Girls Length - Weight Chart

Baby Boys Head Circumference

Baby Girls Head Circumference

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To help visualize Maximo's size with the CDC chart over the years along with his measurements here are some images of him over the years. As you can see by his chart and images he started out a little chubby but thinned out when he started walking at about 11 months old.

Baby boy 5 months old
5 Months old

Baby boy 8 months old.
8 Months old

Child - Boy two years and one month old.
Two years one month old

Boy two years and four months old.
2 years 4 months old

Boy two years and ten months old.
2 years 10 months old

Boy at 3 years old.
3 Years Old

Boy at three years and five months old.
3 Years 5 months