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Roman's height and weight plotted from birth to 7 months on a CDC Length for age and weight for age percentiles chart.
Roman is about average height, averaging right at the 50 percentile. His weight has been going up and at 2 months is a little heavier than average. He seems to want to eat constantly. We have been breastfeeding him and supplementing him with Similac.

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Roman 4 days old
Baby boy 4 days old

Baby Roman 2 weeks old.
Male baby 2 weeks old

Baby laying down on backBaby boy 3 weeks old


Baby in a strollerRoman 7 months old


Roman one year and two months old
Halloween when Roman was 1 year and 2 months old

Toddler one year and three months oldRoman as a toddler at one year and 3 months old

Toddler in front of a fire truckRoman running as a toddler at one year and ten months old